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Re: APSC vs FF

Jabez02 wrote:

If you are only wanting to use T / S functions for every so often for special projects then you could use software such as DxO ViewPoint 2.

It;s a lot cheaper than a Canon 17 or 24mm. Like with all software manipulation you will loose some pixels doing so, but if you start with a well exposed and sharply focused 24MP or 36MP then you won't notice a lot of difference.

Mostly true. Especially for shift. For some tilt applications, you have to use hardware. An example would be something like this shot:

Canon FD 55/1.2 Aspherical @1.2

If I'd wanted to to turn the subject so it was not perpendicular to the camera, but I still wanted to keep it in focus across its face, and still use the same large aperture, I would need to tilt the lens to match the focal plane to the alignment of the subject.

With software, and a bit of work, I could achieve the same effect only if I were able to shoot at a much smaller aperture, and then selectively blur areas not in the simulated plane of focus.

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