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Re: APSC vs FF

The correct answer is, "it depends." That actually is the right answer for a lot of questions in life - at least according to my attorney ex-wife.

If you get paid to take pictures, you pick the tool that gets you paid. If you're asking this question, you're probably not in that demographic. So while people can obsess about various technical details, the reality is that the best camera is one that:

a) you'll have with you

b) you enjoy using while taking pictures

c) produces files that you like

Beyond that, the details really aren't important. Ergonomics and usability are hard to quantify, but play into the equation. I used to primarily shoot u43, with EM5 and GH3 (and others - still have the GH3 for video). The EM1 came out and everyone raved about it. I tried it for a day and just didn't like it. I didn't like the feel, hated the shutter button response, and was unimpressed by the files. Evidently I'm in the minority as most everyone gave that the "best camera of the year" but what they think doesn't matter as in the end I have to use it.

By contrast, I saw photographers I respect getting great shots from the A7(r). I finally couldn't take it any more and went to try one at a local shop. It is quirky and has minor issues, but in the end I found that I liked shooting it, and I loved the files I got. And the combination of A7 (don't like the shutter on the A7r - which is a pity) and the 55/1.8 is good enough that I really don't care about a lack of lenses at the moment. ymmv.

If I pixel peep I see the advantages in the FF files. I can shoot 12800 and get usable images (note - what is usable for me might not be usable for others). I can't do that with any u43 I've owned, though 6400 worked in a pinch. On the downside, I have to pay attention to my shooting and end up shooting shutter priority with the A7 as I don't like it defaulting to 1/60 in low light - need faster to avoid some blur with the primes. With the Oly the IBIS makes up for a multitude of sins.

The quality of current cameras is so good for most users the IQ is largely a wash. Pick a camera that has features that are important to you (e.g. IBIS with Oly, manual controls with Fuji, small FF with Sony), and one that you find fun to use. Beyond that, the rest is just inter webs argument fodder.

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