Your opinion on Blu-Ray?

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Re: Your opinion on Blu-Ray?

lemon_juice wrote:

Blu-Ray is a digital video format and you can place the exact same data on a hard drive and use a hardware or software player with HDMI out to your large screen TV and x-channel sound system to deliver the exact same audio-visual quality.

In my view, it's more flexible, convenient, and cost effective.

Technically you are right but not so much in practice because where can you download full quality >40 GB films to play from your hard drive?

There are almost no (legal) sources.

But that's not a technical issue. It's simply an industry choice and one that is really bad for consumers, in my view. That in itself is a pretty good reason to hate Blu-Ray.

I will also note that most people don't need the 40GB, most of the time. A careful and clueful operator can rip and recompress a BluRay down to maybe 6-8GB without a large loss of quality.

I haven't bought many BluRay's but I have a ton of DVD's. And the first thing I do is rip to HDD because it's so much more convenient. Plus it eliminates the player noise which had gotten pretty bad after a year or two on most of the DVD players I've owned.

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