4K video, Sony has just lost a good PR opportunity

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Re: I'm not the only person who thinks 4K is over-hyped and not yet ready.

ronfab1 wrote:

John Sheehy wrote:

Sonyshine wrote:

Whatever you feel about 4K it will be interesting to watch the new products and the hype around them.

I challenge anyone who thinks that 4K or greater is unnecessary for photos to put some of their favorite photos on a USB flash drive, sized to max dimensions of 3840*2160 with Lanczos resizing, and take it to a store that lets you plug your flash drive in and browse the images. You will be buying a 4K in the immediate future,and you will be buying the 8K, eventually, too. I just got a cheap Seiki 4K, and I can still see the jaggies. Need more resolution!

I'm unfamiliar with this software, and use On One's Perfect Resize which I thought was supposed to be about the best. Better than what Photoshop can do. Is Lanczos even better, for real?

Lanczos is not a special software; it is an optional method used by many programs, such as free ones like FastStone Image Viewer and Irfanview. I don't know that it is the best, but it is very good and widely available.

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