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Re: Does the GX7 have a strong AA filter?

Pixnat2 wrote:

Those results seems highly dubious.

I see two possibilities :

  1. the GX7 have a very (very) strong AA filter that affects perceptual sharpness.
  2. they had a lemon for testing

I'm more inclined to believe #2.

I think they over-un-processing/un-cooking the RAWs. To see the real true performance of the sensor. Because, you know, cooked RAWs is a very big problem.

Just recall how it was with the earlier m43 cameras and the Panny's 12MP sensor. DxO basically made everybody believe that it was the same sensor. I still own the E-620. And I have looked in detail into the files from later cameras like E-PL2 and GF5 - and they are nothing like E-620. You get about 2 stops of improvement: ISO 800 on E-620 looks slightly worse then ISO 2000 on GF5. Yet according to DxO, this is the very same sensor in all of the cameras.

All in all, based on the evidence so far, I think DxO is just a load of bull.

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