Your opinion on Blu-Ray?

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Re: unlike JimC, I like optical disc archive

CAcreeks wrote:

It is probably because I use, including virtual machines, nine (9) different computers. The storage on one is seldom accessible from another. Cloud storage is kind of a joke for HD video etc.

I would prefer SD cards for archiving, but they are not stable for more than a few years. Are they?

I wouldn't trust them for long term, no.  But your case is a clear one for centralized storage.  Do you have burners on all 9 instances?

"Isn't it double layer Blu-Ray that holds 50GB? Given my experience with dual sided DVD (not reading on some players) I am leery of anything nonstandard. Double layer blanks used to cost a lot more, but for some reason no longer do."

Are you talking about double layer or double sided?   DL media is perfectly standard.

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