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Re: APSC vs FF

GaryW wrote:

I have an ISO 3200 shot that I only did minor NR in PP, and printed at 5x7, I can't tell. It could be ISO 100 for all one could tell.

Actually most camera sensors can create images which will look clear in 5x7. We are talking about pixel level clarity here. You should be able to crop heavily and still retail clarity even at high ISO. FF sensors can do this much better IMO.

GaryW wrote:

I kind of wonder if people are being a bit obsessive with statements like "you can't go over ISO 400".

I said "when you go over ISO 400" and that is true for most scenarios. If you don't crop or create only 5x7s then you may be able to scrape by; but at ISO800 and above, APS-C sensors start showing Luminance as well as Color noise. I can't comment about all APS-C cameras but when I briefly had the A77 I could clearly see this artifact. But again if you are only viewing screen size/small prints  you might not be able to "see" a difference, although there is. PP however has improved a lot and tools like Topaz provide great NR features so a lot of high ISO APS-C images can be made to look "cleaner" at the sacrifice of losing some detail (unless you do selective NR).

Here is an example of an ISO1600 shot shot with the APS-C camera A500 , the shot was cleaned with Topaz. Looks clean and will definitely look good in a 5x7 or even a 1.5x11 print but a little bit of feather detail was sacrificed which again is not very evident due to the Sharpening used.

There are some APS-C cameras which are pretty good at handling high ISO but then there are many variables involved. I think the NEX-6 and Nikon D7100 for example do a good job in this area.

GaryW wrote:

Perfectly usable, but you probably could have gotten similar results from a Nex camera at 3200. Anyway, why such a high ISO in the daylight? Seems a bit unnecessary unless it was really dark, in which case, the photo seems too bright.

Well It was a cloudy day and at 300mm and 1/320s and f/5.6 (wide open) the camera marked an Auto ISO of 6400 which caused the image to be exposed well (especially the shadows in the feather areas). The photo does not look too bright to me.

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