4K video, Sony has just lost a good PR opportunity

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Re: 4K is just a gimmick like 3D and curved TV's ?

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I'm not convinced that 4K is the next 'big thing'

Until global broadcasters have lots of 4K content and more critically - the means to broadcast 4K -then nothing will drive the purchase of 4K TV's and therefore no-one will have anywhere to view their 4K videos....

Exactly, yes there is a shortage for 4K content. But it means that you can make good money on 4k video.

After this Panasonic announcement of 4K-capable Lumix DMC-GH4, more manufacturers will follow the trend, and soon people/we can shoot 4k without a huge investment. I believe now the 4k video is going to pick up really fast.

I suspect 4K will be like 3D.

I don't think so. The 3D didn't survive because it was too complicated to fit into the living rooms. The 4k video is just as simple as HD video, with much better quality. The biggest obstacle was the lack of affordable 4k-capapable cameras (which is solved now), The prices of 4k TV/devices are falling really fast too, and Lumix DMC-GH4 and similar cameras will provide the contents too.

The TV manufacturers will make a huge fuss about it.... and the public will take little notice.

You bet, this is where TV manufacturers will be making their money on coming years., and they will make sure that the public notice it, for sure. "Old" HD-TVs are going for dumping prices now, there is no profit there any longer

Of course no-one is going to mind having 4K in a camera - I guess its just a bit of possible future proofing - but many cameras have 3D abilities and I bet almost no-one uses it.

I believe many photographers/videographers will find a good reason to use 4k cameras, because there is a huge opportunity for making money.

I don't see the advantage to most consumers of 4K unless they buy a very big screen and sit at a distance of less than 1.5 times the diagonal of the screen to it. So a 60" screen and sitting at less than 90" or 7'6" or about 2m away. And even then only when viewing 4K broadcasting or 8megapixel stills. Sit further than 1.5 times the diagonal and you will not find a difference between a good quality 2K 1080 x 1960[HD] display and a 4k.

In summary, I remain to be convinced, even after looking at several 4K televisions, including curved screen ones, that all seemed to be set in demo mode and over saturated for showroom appeal.

Is that your honest opinion from doing some serious viewing in stores or are you just repeating what so many people say. I very much disagree as I said on the page prior. I was in a Fryes store a couple days ago and from at least 20 feet away there was NO doubt when 4K was playing on the demo loupes on a 70" LG vs 1080P. Could you see all the detail from far away, NO. But you definitely can benefit beyond that one and a half diagonal distance. There is a different, though a window look to it even from way beyond normal seating for a particular size display. My eyes are nothing special, glasses corrected to 20/20 I guess.

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