Getting a Grip on the 4K Video Conversation

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People forget that m43 owes its fast AF to video from the start!

Pixnat2 wrote:

I must say that you have a point about the evolution of photography blurring with videography. (...) I don't like it because your vision is like replacing Art by Industry.

I don't think this evolution would be a gain in quality. True, the concept of pulling the perfect frame from a video sequence sounds nice and tempting (marketing speech often sounds like this). But it's implying a total new way of taking picture, and I would say a more lazy and "industrial" one. Instead of being attentive to your environnement, to your model or your subject, instead of trying to capture a magic moment in life, which one can only achieve after years of practice and training, one will not require any of those skills. Just sitting behind the camera, filming everthing, and then pulling the frame in PP. I can imagine that 8K will even give enough room to crop for the perfect composition.

I bet that if this technology was available at his time, Henri Cartier-Bresson would have been unknown, and his photographs would not have inspired generations of photographers.

First: all of us using Panasonic camera's or using later Olympus models thank our fast AF to video, remember? Back then Panasonic developed their smart and innovative AF-system while solving a problem with video. Later Olympus caught up. I don't know yet what will be the photographic benefit of the most recent developments, but I'm very confident that pretty soon they'll make photography even more a joy to me than it is already.

Second: new technology never will cause art to be replaced by industry. On the contrary. It's not the camera that produces art but the artist. No matter how often you press the button or how huge a serie of images a camera captures, it will never ever result in breathtaking images if the eye and the brain behind the camera don't have the vision. Cartier had that vision. He would have stood out anyway.

I bet the improvements in the GH4 will in soon trickle down to the G and GX series and we photographers will love them because they help us express our vision in a better way.

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