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Re: APSC vs FF

Nigel Tufnel: "These go to 11."

FF is likely more to do with DOF and shooting wide, although APS lenses go as wide as FF.

Does the extra size provide necessary real estate?  No.

Is the ISO advantage significant? Not really.  Look at latest DXO ISO rankings to compare, we are at the point of nit picky meaningless debates when it is APS vs. 35mm.

I shot FF for decades. I now shoot APS.  APS has some advantages as does FF which is why I will keep my APS and buy a FF at some point.

IMO the FF A7 is rather pointless as the lenses are hardly a savings and the APS Nex5x/6/7 were great size wise.  The way things are going we will have a DSLR sized mirrorless kit that can not focus well compared to DSLR, but won't that be awesome... or not....

DSLRs grew to 36mpix a couple years ago, but that is rarely needed much less actually used. I see very few folks printing beyond 11x14" with their monster sensors. There are a few, but the 16mpix Nex6 can make a great 20x30".  36mpix, not needed especially when one can stitch photos with little effort.

The A7/r camera is a great landscape tool.  Shooting birds OTOH is rather pointless as a DSLR does a much better job and size is irreverent when you are carrying a 8-12 lbs lens.    The A7 is a small package but the glass is FF and the size difference drops to almost nothing  as the lens focal length increases.  I like the larger bodies when shooting a larger lens like my 80-200mm f2.8.

Lets face it, technology has made the technology so good it has gone beyond our needs.  I know of no one printing beyond 20x30" so do we need a sensor that can enlarge to bill board size? Because that my friend is what a 36mpix sensor is good for, printing/displaying REALLY big!

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