EM-1 uses Panasonic sensor per Chipworks

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Re: Panasonic could be just subcontractor

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If Panasonic had access to this sensor they would certainly have used PDAF for video in GH4, like Canon does in 70D. Instead, Panasonic had to develop their Depth-From-Defocus technology.
So, if this is Panasonic sensor why don't they use PDAF in GH4?

because Panasonic deemed PDAF on sensor (in its current generation in M43 cameras = E-M1) is not really better than just CDAF (unless you have PDAF lenses like Olympus to support and even sell some old stock)... now that might change (or not) with further improvements in PDAF on sensor.

All mirrorless OEMs use PDAF on sensor, except Panasonic. Fuji and Samsung surely don't have to support PDAF DSLR lenses, yet they adopted PDAF. There must be a reason for that.

because Fuji, Sony and Samsung hopelessly lag in CDAF, and if you did not notice - even w/ PDAF now they can't match CDAF speed in m43 cameras... that's it... so for them it was a desperate attempt to get close, but they are not there yet, even w/ PDAF.

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