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I think that you are making a false assumption by implying that DF owners purchased the camera exclusively to admire the buttons and not take pictures. I may be misunderstanding your point, I am not sure. I also think that many who are buying the camera use it as a professional tool on assignments even if it doesn't have dual card slots. I am not a professional photographer but have been using cameras for over 35 years. If I was being paid for an assignment , I would definitely be carrying two bodies instead of just one. A memory card can become corrupted but a camera body can also fail during a shooting session. Chances of a body failing are probably just as great as a memory card failing. Now I know that is not a solution for backing up your primary card, but at least you would be taking pictures with two bodies instead of just one.

A body failing is WAY more common than a card failing. That's something I've actually seen happen.

If my Df has a card failure not related to my cheapness or handling, I'll report it!


A body failing is usually caught if you chimp, and pictures up until camera failure are usually intact. Card failure may not be caught until you try to download. I've only had one failure of a card, and was caught early in a shoot, a SanDisk 16 GB CF. I've also had a camera failure, Canon 1DMkIII.

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