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Re: APSC vs FF

chr68 wrote:

It looks like the apertures of the FE mount lenses that are available are ~1 stop lower that what we could get on a classic APSC camera.
The 24-70 does only open at 4. It is easy to find the equivalent on APSC opening at 2.8. ...

Not easy to find a 24-70 (or equivalent) on the Nex APS-C e-mount at f2.8.  Even if you want to look at DSLRs, I find the APS-C f2.8 lenses to be quite large, heavy and often expensive.

The only f2.8 zoom I have is the Tamron 17-50 and while it's really good, it's big and heavy and more expensive than any other lens I've gotten.  And the corners are soft at f2.8.  You don't hear that too often, but for all of the complaints about soft corners for the kit lens, it's not the only lens with soft corners at wider apertures.  Then again, at f4, it's really sharp, nice color and bokeh.... but heavy.

This limitation seems inherent to the low distance we have between the sensor and the lens that makes optical corrections much more complex to implement.

What limitation?  You can always add dead air to the back of a lens if you want.  Choose any DSLR f2.8 lens, add an adapter, and stick it on your FE-mount camera.  Done.

The limitation is that DSLRs cannot use a lens with a short registration, and can only be so compact.

I'm wondering then what the benefit would be to have a FF camera like the A7 compared to an other APSC.

If size or weight matters, I'm wondering what the benefit would be in a DSLR.  

Of course I know that with adapters you can set lot of third party lenses.
Concerning the size, if you compares the A7 with an APSC camera, the benefit is less evident.

Whether A7 or Nex, I think size has to be part of the equation. If that's not important, then it's probably a better idea to use a DSLR with a wider lens range to choose from -- some of which are cheap lenses, some not -- same with bodies.  The A7 might have a slight price advantage depending on what you wanted to do with it.

But, I would have to think long and hard before getting an FF camera with f4 lenses instead of using an APS-C camera with f2.8 lenses.  Put a prime on the FF, and you may have a different calculation.

What are the optical and Image Quality advantage of the A7 full frame camera compared to APSC?

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