High quality compact to complement M4/3 system - any thoughts?

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Re: High quality compact to complement M4/3 system - any thoughts?

My compact for the last nearly 3 years has been a Fuji X100. It's main linitation is no zoom. Other than that I have had trouble finding anything to replace or supplement it. I recently bought an SX40 super zoom and the image quality is much better than I thought feasible. Must be a very good lens. Of course it is slow, the evf poor and forget low light.

I briefly handled an RX100 in the shop and it was like a bar of soap. Maybe with an aftermarket grip and a viewfinder it would be good but then there is also the RX10 which is not so compact.

I have looked at the X10/20 but have your resevations. Wish they had just put an evf on it. Also Fuji over complicates their cameras with the EXR stuff. Canon keep it pretty simple.

I had a XZ-1 for a while and quite liked it but the images weren't that great and the screen was hopeless in sunlight.

I recently had a good look at the Stylus 1. I posted this elsewhere:

Tested one in a shop using my SD card. The viewfinder is excellent and it felt good in the hand but using the chunky lens ring to change aperture and the tiddly shutter lever to zoom felt incongruous. It feels a bit like what it is, a hybrid of a compact and a larger system camera. None of this was a deal breaker but the image quality was just not that great in any of the images once I got them home on my computer. Same for images I have seen on the net. If only this had a larger sensor maybe even just 2/3" but then the lens would be larger etc. Honestly I would rather keep my SX40 as it has a huge range and surprisingly good image quality. For comparison my usual compact is an X100 and I also have a 7D and 5D with a selection of quality lenses. I also had a XZ-1 and was also a bit underwhelmed by the image quality. My Canon G11 was better (except in low light where it struggled with it's darker lens).

Stylus 1 is quite big too.

Maybe the LF1 is the best comprimise. Decent zoom range, good price and evf for when you really need it.

Finally what about the little GM-1?

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