Getting a Grip on the 4K Video Conversation

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Re: To replace still, you need to address these:

But if those new capabilities make it possible to capture terrific images that you'd otherwise miss, then my own personal opinion is that you'd have to be a bit of a Luddite to shun them.

This is the big IF. To capture the moment is not just to be able to capture every m-sec of a sequence. It still requires the photographer to put him/herself at the right place at the right time, which for sports photographers mean a good understanding of the sports and the environment in which to shoot this. Keep in mind that as videos get better, the still will get better too and shooting stills will always be easier without the "middle man" (e.g., frame grabber) and the hassle to go through way too many images.

What do you think about Nikon's Motion snapshot in their 1 camera system? They basically built the ability to grab the frames and make it easy to display and select full size 12 MP images all into the camera. It certainly does not sell well and no videographers here even seem to notice that. Most of the people here just laughed at the 1 camera b/c it has a small sensor (as if we are using a really big sensor). However when you pair that sensor with Nikon 200/2 or 300/4 telephoto lens, it makes a formidable package when used in combination with motionsnap shot to capture actions. How does it work?

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