MFT Users: Do you miss the shallower depth-of-field of bigger sensor cameras?

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Superzoom2 wrote:

I just want to know if you sometimes miss the easily attainable shallow depth-of-field that you usually get with an APS-C or bigger sensor camera.

You will not really get unbiased opinions here but the honest truth is that in some situations, yes, I do. One of my favourite looks, especially in crowds, is a wide angle FOV with shallow DOF from a reasonable subject distance. My RX1 at f/2 does this beautifully, as does the D700 with 28/1.8. I also like being able to do a half-to-full body portrait with the background heavily OOF with something in the 75-135 range. The 75/1.8 does this well, but not quite as well as Canon's 135/2, for example. That said, there are easy workarounds and I find that when this frustrates me I'm frequently just being lazy. If I really need to do it..well, that's why I have the RX1 and D700.

Really, the honest truth is that I miss it at times because I simply like shooting with my E-M1 so much more than my other cameras that I find myself in a 'cake and eat it too' situation. I almost always keep my RX1 with me so really, I've got the best of both words and that makes me a very happy camper. I miss so very little with the E-M1, to be honest.

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