What's all this about "slow" AF with X-E1/X-Pro1??

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Re: What's all this about "slow" AF with X-E1/X-Pro1??

Donny out of Element here wrote:

mistermejia wrote:

I have never owned or used any of these models, except my X10, but what's up with all this complaints about returning the camera because of AF? Are this type of people using the camera in COMPLETE darkness or something? I am just trying to understand what all this is about.

I do understand the X-E1/X-pro1 limitations comapred to other cameras out there, but only based on these two video samples bellow i don't see what the problem is at all. To me these cameras focus completely fine. They are not for fast continuous shooting, but i see that they focus just fine as any normal camera should.

Could it be that some of this claims are done by fuji marketters trying to brain wash you into having to spend money on the next new camera model making you think that you NEED it?

Again, based on what i am seeing in these youtube videos i honestly don't see what the problem is. Heck, my cheap X10 does not give me AF problems.



Jesus. Have you actually watched your own link (first one)? There it is clearly shown why people complain for poor and slow AF for X-E1/X-Pro-1. If you consider that acceptable, and that was done on still objects, then I have no comments.

I think you got my name wrong.  I'm not Jesus.

At the very beginning he says that is not good enough for "him", when using the camera in POOR light.  He clearly states that, so that's why he uses manual focus, or continuous focus.

Like i said, i do completely understand what the limitations of these cameras are, but for what i do, and i would probably say for what most people buy THESE cameras for, to me they work fine.

And yes, i know fuji is making the auto focus better and better, which is nice.

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