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naming conventions, keywords, etc.

CAcreeks wrote:

kelpdiver wrote:

It appears that you started this thread with a trolling agenda, not seriously asking. Why not just set that tone from the beginning, rather than pretending to be objective?

My personal interest is in upgrading a DVD-RW drive that is near end of life. Sorry if it seemed like trolling. I found the discussion more interesting than PC vs Mac etc.

Unlike JimC and others, I really like the workflow where I copy all photos from a trip onto optical disc, label it, and put it on a shelf. Much easier to find than folders on HDD.

I use folders with yyyymmdd naming (for example, 20140208 for today).  That way, it's easy to find images taken on a given date, since that naming convention sorts just fine by folder name, using file managers under virtually any Operating System.

Heck, even something as simple as Google Picasa can automatically search your hard drive and show you views of images on a drive by date if desired.  More sophisticated image viewers with better catalog and asset management features can do even more.

You can also use metadata for searches using most popular image viewers anymore.  For example, you could tag all photos with a person's name if desired, and/or tag all photos with more descriptive info like the place, event title, etc. for future use.

Of course, one issue with using that approach is compatibility between different viewers if using xmp sidecar files.  But, some image viewers/editors can also embed the keywords into the IPTC info internal to an image file, as well as adding it to the separate xmp files.  But, for the most part, basic features like keywords in the sidecar files are usually compatible between different image viewers (the main problem is with programs specific edits stored in them).

Anyway, I stick to dates for folder naming (yyyymmdd format), since I can usually remember about when I took photos of something, even if I don't have anything else like keywords in metadata associated with the images; and again, that date format sorts just fine by folder name (so you have a date sort using the folder name) using virtually any file manager in virtually any operating system.

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