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Yes, I meant Posterization. :-)

David Rosser wrote:

Jim Cockfield wrote:

It's best to perform all edits in 16 bit mode, even if you plan on saving the image as an 8 bit jpeg (as you'll see fewer problems from pasteurization and banding by doing all edits in 16 bit mode)

Pasteurization ??? - where did milk come into the discussion Sorry I could not resist it. I take it you ment posterisation.

Yes, I meant Posterization.

I think I used Firefox spell check when I originally typed it with the incorrect spelling, and the first word in the list of suggested spellings must have been Pasteurization (I obviously wasn't paying much attention when I selected it, and I didn't notice that I had used Pasteurization until reading your reply about it).

Anyway, if you're doing a lot of edits to an image (especially major color corrections, using curves, etc.), it's best to use an editor that supports 16 bit edits to reduce problems like Posterization, even if you plan on saving the edited file as 8 bit when finished with the edits.

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