EM-1 uses Panasonic sensor per Chipworks

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Re: Panasonic could be just subcontractor

micksh6 wrote:

All die markings say is that the sensor was manufactured at Panasonic fab. It might as well be designed by Sony and then they could outsource production to Panasonic.
Just like Panasonic produces flashes designed by Olympus or Foxconn produces iPhones designed by Apple.

If Panasonic had access to this sensor they would certainly have used PDAF for video in GH4, like Canon does in 70D. Instead, Panasonic had to develop their Depth-From-Defocus technology.
So, if this is Panasonic sensor why don't they use PDAF in GH4?

I would venture to guess that Panasonic is trying to find an alternative to PDAF that does not reduce the AF area nor pixels available for image use as the PDAF implementation does.  I think they are just trying to be innovative...and, remember, they do NOT have any four thirds lenses to support, so there is no reason for them to HAVE to put PDAF in their cameras if they can find an alternative method of improving focus tracking abilities and overall focusing speed.  Oly was trying to accommodate their large four thirds lens selection and the people who use them, so the PDAF alternative made sense for them in the EM1.


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