4K video, Sony has just lost a good PR opportunity

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Re: I'm not the only person who thinks 4K is over-hyped and not yet ready.

Sonyshine wrote:

Yeah, 4K does look good - up close!

Sit back and watch 4K TV - not so good- and thats why I also think most major media companies will realise this is a long term step change and jump straight into 8K bypassing 4k. I may be wrong of course...

It might well be that 4K takes off on PC monitors and screens first?

Not so good how?? Are you kidding? I was in a Fryes couple days ago as mentioned on previous page and the motion footage and stills they were running, even in "torch" mode, looked fabulous on the 70" LG set, within range of closer than you would normally sit to further away than you would optimally sit for a 70" TV.

My opinion would be that "8K" is reaching into overkill territory for TV watching unless you're right up close to really large display or projected image. Certainly not needed for long distance viewing…. our eyes are not that good.

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