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Re: APSC vs FF

chr68 wrote:

This limitation seems inherent to the low distance we have between the sensor and the lens that makes optical corrections much more complex to implement.
I'm wondering then what the benefit would be to have a FF camera like the A7 compared to an other APSC.

isn't the nex series aps-c? don't nex cameras have the same short distance situation as the a7?

Of course I know that with adapters you can set lot of third party lenses.
Concerning the size, if you compares the A7 with an APSC camera, the benefit is less evident.

isn't the nex series aps-c? aren't nex cameras the same size as the a7?

perhaps you are confusing aps-c with dslr?

what you really wanted to ask is mirrorless vs. dslr, not aps-c vs. full frame?

What are the optical and Image Quality advantage of the A7 full frame camera compared to APSC?

aps-c dslr or aps-c mirrorless?

or am i just confused? lol

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