4K video, Sony has just lost a good PR opportunity

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John Sheehy Forum Pro • Posts: 19,420
Re: I'm not the only person who thinks 4K is over-hyped and not yet ready.

Sonyshine wrote:

Yeah, 4K does look good - up close!

Sit back and watch 4K TV - not so good - and thats why I also think most major media companies will realise this is a long term step change and jump straight into 8K bypassing 4k. I may be wrong of course...

It might well be that 4K takes off on PC monitors and screens first?

There are a lot more 4k+ (8MP+) stills around than 4K videos. And really, anything from about 1.5MP and up is going to look better on a 4K monitor; upsampling in small amounts is very destructive.

You need a lot of vertical resolution to view web pages well. By the time you get all of your toolbars drawn in your browser, and all the large-letter headings on the top of web pages, you usually have to start scrolling to see what you came to the page for, with low resolution monitors.

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