4K video, Sony has just lost a good PR opportunity

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Sam_Oslo wrote:

Sonyshine wrote:

So going back to the original post I don't think Sony missed an opportunity - I suspect they want the whole 4K package - TV, Cameras, storage medium & player to be ready before they start trying to sell it to us.

If you want Sony to shine then you shouldn't keep Sony from developing hot-technology of the day and near future.

Everything, including Tvs, Tablets, cameras, storage, Codecs, and medium are ready already, and getting streamlined in near future, except your desire for sticking to the past, that's not the way Sony should shine.

Sony has just lost a big PR opportunity as the first company for bringing affordable 4k camera to the masses. Now Sony (and other camera makers) have no other option than following the trend, but Panasonic is getting the PR. Just google Panasonic DMC-GH4 and watch how it's shining.

Pay no attention to the Name.. Watch the gear list.. Sonyshine has long since moved on.. but like few here likes to come back here post....

About 10 years ago I was pitching a streaming  service to two major studios in Burbank.. The idea being you could buy the movie and burn it to disk, complete with extras.  Then we had to talk about buying the DVD level content in advance so it could buffer to the HD, Blu-Ray was not even part of the first program.. though they wanted to talk about that Protection scheme.

If we had had the money to continue... We had one major studio in board and the one on the fence would have jumped if they new the response down the street. Problem was the hardware people were not thinking about the future.. and we needed hardware partners. Netflix streaming was born about a year later.  Sigh... But it was just 10 years ago bandwidth argument was our block.. Netflix found the bandwidth of the post office in 2004 was more than the average home internet. now 10 years ago everyone offers a streaming service for HD video.

Every technology has had early adopters not everyone jumps to the early majority buyer.  DVD made it, Laser disc didn't  CD made it, a few smaller disk formats never did because pure digital was smaller.  4K hardware will support all the current technology.. so there is no barrier to adopting it.. The #2 TV on Amazon is an Offbrand already offering a low cost 4K.

There are those that want to wait until it is too late to lead.  Even today there is no 1080P on the Canon 5DMKIII while every Sony SLT does that.  Why? on some of the Canon boards they think it is greed.. I think it is "market leader lack of motivation"  Someone said back in 2010 when the camera was on the drawing board.. why do 1080p my TV is only 1080i who will care?"   Now they write specs for video like it was film to hide it "60FPS" but no video specs to say 1080X60i  because there was a Sonyshine on the design board for a $3K body. Saying its too soon for that.

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