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Backup the media

I find it interesting that people will spend $3000 on a camera body and balk at paying less than $100 for quality brand name media. I have only used Lexar Pro cards in my cameras and have never suffered an issue with the card. I have had issues with the camera which Nikon promptly fixed but never with the media. I replace the media on an annual basis. I understand that some people use the Eye-Fi card to back up their images which would be a backup solution on the Df.

I will dump my photos on a daily basis to my Surface Pro tablet at the end of the day. That way I can review the day's shooting and flag some images for further work. That evening, the computer will backup the images to an external drive.

When starting up for a new day, I format the card in the camera and format the other cards as I install them into the camera. I just wish that the Df had a two button format like other Nikon cameras.  I also make it a point to review the images I have taken on a regular basis to verify that the media is intact.  Of course this won't help if you zapped the media with static while taking it out of the camera.

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