What's all this about "slow" AF with X-E1/X-Pro1??

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Don't just limit yourself to one type of camera.

David McGaughey wrote:

Don't believe me - look at the imaging-resource timings. A 70D can focus and take a picture in 0.075 seconds. They timed the X-E1 at 0.438 seconds. That's over 5x slower. Which is noticeable.

I did not read the review above, but it is interesting that they came up with the 5x number.

I used both a 70D and X-E1 during a photoshoot last week. I count the number of shots I can make with a 70D versus X-E1, and came up with about 4-5X factor.

When I switch from one camera to another, I can feel the wide gap in speed immediately, it's huge. On the 70d, I just aim and shoot. The X-E1, aim, WAIT, then shoot.

Don't just limit yourself to one type of camera.

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