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Re: OP: where are some GH4 clips and what are your system specs?

xerophytenyc wrote:

Do you edit with Premier or FCPX? If you apply an effect, or recode, how many frames render per second?

How many minutes of clips can you put on an edit timeline before the project navigation slows to a halt or becomes unstable?

Is a retina display large enough to perceive any difference between 1080p and 4k without a magnifying glass or very young eyes at 7" distance?

People are already working with Prores and other formats in similar and higher bit depths than the GH4 200Mbps so I don't see where PC's are a limiting factor. As for myself I convert GH3 2k video in Resolve to a 455Mbps intermediate for working in an NLE and I don't have any problems.

If 4k can be downsampled to 1080 and the result can be close to true 2k resolution, we are making progress. I agree 4K delivery is still a long term reality, but improved 2K is for now.

You hit the nail on the head. Both FCPX and Premiere CC on my MBP and my Mac Pro run pretty much the same with the GH4 footage as they do with 1080P footage. This includes transitions and color work. In the event that things get slow I can just transcode to proxies and get back to work but that's not been an issue.

Now I'm expecting that when I add a few 4K displays (when they're not thousands of dollars) that my systems will slow down a bit but that might not be true as well.

Another system I use is the Panasonic ToughPad with a 4K display. It only has 8GB or ram and an i5 but it works with the files just fine.

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