Your opinion on Blu-Ray?

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Re: I don't have Blue-ray, don't planing on buying Blu-ray

kelpdiver wrote:

malch wrote:

As I said before, I've tried managing a large CD/DVD collection and it was horrible.

Yet a Blu-ray have 10x the capacity of a DVD-R and 80 times that of a CDR, so the problem may not longer be the same. Outside of GoPro users, few are generating data at a rate that makes 50GB disks so unwieldy.

It helps. But you still have to manage multiple disks, what's backed backed up and what isn't. How many copies do you need? I have at least 5 copies of my most critical data and 2 of the least critical. Then there are issues of finding out which disk a given file is on. And integrity checking those disks periodically.

That's a lot of work versus using 2/3TB USB drives and I don't see any upside compared with the opticals.

I've completely eliminated CD's and DVD's from my life and never been happier or more confident in my data backups.

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