New Sigma supertelephoto lenses coming in 2014?

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Re: New Sigma supertelephoto lenses coming in 2014?

Bobby Handal wrote:

I own the 300-800mm and compared it side by side with 500mm vr and with 200-400mm vrI and the IQ is comparable, the color rendition is a little "yellower" than the nikons, but I think that this happens with all sigmas. Regretfully the 300-800mm does not have OS, and also it is huge and heavy. I also own the 50-500mm OS and it is nothing to sneeze at.

Now having said that, if Sigma came out with light weight fixed lenses like a 600mm or 800mm with OS, that also had closer focusing capabilities , at a aggressive price, I think they would sell a lot of them. Zooms say a 200-600 perhaps.

Anyway, the more bigger lenses are out there catering to nature/sports photographers the better.

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So at 500mm the Sigma 300-800 is comparable then?  Also, how is it at 600/800mm?

Yep, a light-weight Sigma 600mm f/4 (or f/5.6?) sharp fast prime would be a killer on the market. If Sigma comes out with a big heavy lens though, it really wouldn't appeal to me.  Weight along the lines of the Canon II super-teles would definitely catch my attention.

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