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Re: Great for video fans, but some photographers still may not be interested

amtberg wrote:

Out of curiosity, do you have the same prohibition against shooting in burst mode? Does firing off 20-30 rapid-fire stills also make it not real photography? Because to me, it's really the same thing ... just better.

To a degree - yes.  Like with anything, I draw a line there as well.  I will use burst sometimes with birds in flight - but I tend to not like the faster burst rates - I most often use 3 or 5 fps, and I rarely fire off more than 2-4 shots in a burst in hort machine-gun like blips.  I have cameras that can do 7fps and 10fps, but I just don't like using it.

I really don't mind missing a shot - I do actually get more joy when I get a shot because of how difficult it was or how many I missed previously.  Obviously different types of photography don't have this issue - I don't miss shots shooting landscape or portrait - I only carefully set up a single shot, take it, and move on.  But for sports/action/bird-in-flight photography, which I thoroughly enjoy, the process and the challenge are very much part of what I love.  And I do feel that much more rewarded and joyful when I nail an excellent bird-in-flight shot that required a combination of skill, determination, experience, and a little luck too.  I already know that joy is reduced when I've tried it with 10fps burst in the past - looking through 20 shots with incremental differences and picking out the one that was just the right moment just wasn't as fun or satisfying for me, and I haven't used those faster modes since.  I know shooting video would be even less satisfying for me for just that reason - I would feel like I was a superfluous part of the shooting process - not much more than a human tripod holding the device and knowing I caught the right moment because I caught EVERY moment possible.  It's just not fun for may be for others.

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