High quality compact to complement M4/3 system - any thoughts?

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Re: High quality compact to complement M4/3 system - any thoughts?

Linda F. - I think you've your head on straight. Let's keep this photography business fun and interesting. After the few basic requirements of kit, enjoy the hobby. Make great pictures as you see them, and have fun doing it. If a new camera has features you want to try out - like portability, or some hot shot feature you are curious about, feel free to indulge within your budget.

That said, I do have issues with some folks - those thinking a new camera will automatically make them a better photographer, those that never give their equipment a chance by not learning how it works before discarding it, and those folks who can't see the picture for the pixels. The OP is none of those types.

Nearly all cameras will give satisfactory results, but some are easier or more satisfying to use. ALL photographs will look absolutely terrible if magnified enough. Look at a picture the way "normal" people do - with less emphasis on individual pixels, and more on content of the picture. If we void criticizing, and snarky comments and treat each other respectfully as 99 percent of the folks on these forums do we will all learn and be happier doing it.

OK - I was off topic, but something I needed to say, I guess. Thanks for your indulgence. Sorry for the rant. Maybe I'm being a little snarky too.

Peace, and Best Wishes for great shooting.

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