Problem with Sony A7, reflections on the sensor.

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Huge dynamic range shows hidden badness

captura wrote:

Problem with the sensors, should Sony do a recall?

No. After trying for two weeks, I have finally been able to get two extra spots from a shot into the sun.

I believe that the problem is the extreme dynamic range of the A7/A7R.  All sensor stacks give reflections, but the brightness of the secondary reflections is usually far below the noise threshold for the sensor. The A7/A7R have a very wide dynamic range, and the A7 has more surfaces in its sensor stack than the A7R does, so a sharply-focused and overexposed light can have a reflected image that is strong enough to show. If the lens aperture is not stopped down quite far, and/or the lens doesn't have a tilted angle of incidence, and/or the light source isn't being heavily overexposed, no defect is visible.

Another problem, or are they related? ; A7/A7R Light leaks reported....

I think it is related in the sense that the level of this light leak is obviously tiny, and a sensor with a lesser dynamic range would probably have the leak buried in noise. The fact that putting black tape over a part of the mount fixed the leak does suggest that Sony screwed-up on that camera. It could literally be something as simple as a plastic part not blocking 100% of the light, but that could be a real design defect. I have not seen that defect on my A7, but I haven't tried looking too hard yet either.

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