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Re: Winning the Hearts and Minds of Photographers

Patrick McMahon wrote:

amazing, went over to the lens forum and there are a lot of Df owners I never saw post here.

so you are right that people are discovering the advantages of the sensor, among other things.

My buddy was over at Adorama a few days ago and was told the same thing I heard at B&H. Df is selling well. But the fellow also said it's selling to older shooters and mainly by established pro clientele.

That makes some sense. I can't see too many first-line shooters in their 20's ponying up 3K for a Df. They're going to add up MP and focus points on their calculators and buy a D800 or D600. And most will be served well with that choice.

I think a lot of the Df buyers are older, experienced shooters with 2 or more cameras in their kits already. I fit that profile and most of my friends, who have also bought the Df, do as well.

It's a camera for experienced shooters, who know exactly where it fits, to enjoy. There are exceptions of course. My friend, who is a grade-school teacher, hated every DSLR she touched until she tried my Df. She owned and disliked the D5100 (One of my favorites) I had given her. Much to my shock she DID pony up and buy a Df. And this is a woman with 3 kids and not a ton of time for hobbies. The Df just rings right for some of us.

Is this a "Groundswell?" I don't know, but the Df is proving to be more than a petty face.


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