Which manual lens from the following?

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Re: Which manual lens from the following?

the lens I received looked brand new despite being 30 odd years old - as always with ebay read the descriptions carefully.

shipping may not be too bad - depends on the seller and want they want to charge but I tracked a number of them in the states and the shipping varied from reasonable to expensive, so it is worth having a hunt on ebay - all I did was search in "cameras and photography" for "Rokkor lens" - there always seems to be plenty there

I've picked up a few Rokkors on ebay in the last 3 or 4 months and have not been disappointed in any, I think I've got 6 or so for less than the cost of the Fuji 35mm on it's own, which isn't to say that I wouldn't get the 35mm - I fancy that and the 14mm - but it's fun playing with the old MF lenses and it makes me thing a bit more about what I'm doing.

Minolta Rokkors - 200mm f4.5 / 135mm f2.8 / 50mm f1.4 / 58mm f1.4 / 45mm f2 / 28mm f2.5

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