7D USB port suddenly didn't function

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Re: 7D USB port suddenly didn't function

Sherwin V Ubaldo wrote:
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On the second day, same setup but we connected the usb cable thru another port which is a USB 3.0. Half way thru when I was changing lens, as usual, turn off the camera, change lens then on. To our suprise the EOS Utility cannot detect the camera. We tried another camera (6D & 60D) and was detected without any problem!

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Thanks for the warning!

It is a good reminder to always properly disconnect a device using the computer before shutting down or unplugging it.

I've had one CF card 'go bad', and it was from removing it too soon from a computer.

It is my experience that message 'It is now safe to remove' applies to safe for the device as well as the computer.

I guess I got lucky in I only messed up a CF card and not my camera.

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