High quality compact to complement M4/3 system - any thoughts?

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Re: Why not get a smaller m4/3?

dgrogers wrote:

Get a camera such as the Panasonic GM1 or an Olympus Pen (some of the older Pens with the 12mp sensor are very cheap right now) and add a lens such as the new Olympus 14-42 f3.5-5.6 EZ which retracts to the size of a pancake lens (or the Panasonic equivalent), then pick up an automatic lens cap for it. Cheap, small, and similar quality to what you are used to.

It is certainly worth considering a small m4/3 camera such as the GM-1 + 12-32.  But is 32 or 42 enough reach? You could resort to digital zoom.  Do you need to be able to do macro with the lens?  You could carry a macro accessory like a Raynox.  Is the lens bright enough?  I guess high ISO's might negate any need for a brighter lens.

If you would be happy with the image quality produced by the Stylus 1, then it would be impossible for m4/3 to match this in as small a package. It's hard for me to override my tendency to want to prioritise image quality, but Robin Wong struck a note with me when he wrote the following in his review of the Stylus 1 - "I do admit the truth that for many of my shots, a high quality point and shoot digital camera (with a good lens) would suffice." Retrieving fat cameras and changing lenses probably costs me memorable images.  But is even the Stylus 1 small enough?  Small enough to take everywhere without a second thought?

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