Buying new camera (set) and choice between two m4/3 and FF

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Re: Buying new camera (set) and choice between two m4/3 and FF

Melbourne Park wrote:

I own an EM-5, but also, I own a 25mm Panasonic "Sumilux" F1.4 lens; a 45mm Olympus m43 F/1.8 lens; an Olympus m43 75mm F/1.8 lens' a 12mm Olympus m43 lens.

Very obviously, no one would use an Olympus or Panasonic m43 zoom lens if they wanted shallow depth of field. One has to use fast primes. Which are also quite compact on mFT.

A single good portrait lens would be fine for me to start. Have been now checking that Panasonic 25mm f/1.4 for that purpose.

I have also used an A7 and A7r, and found both focused very slowly indeed, and there was a time gap between shutter press and actuation. Hopefully, that situation will change. Maybe ...

I also know an owner of an A7, however is a Pro film maker and photographer ... and he says the A7r - which he owns - is a good landscape camera. But not good for anything else.

I now on this week spent time, a lot of time, considering and finding out about that Sony A7. But it does have few features I just don't like.

- Slow burst mode (I do like more than 5 FPS and E-M1 offer of 10FPS is maybe more than enough).

- No IBIS at all (main drawback) what gives me lots of thinking because with little shake on hands already it doesn't feel good combo for so small and light camera body.

- Exposed sensor to dust.I have no experience from the Sony implementation for the ultrasonic and charge protection but I just know that with E-520 I never even worried about exposing sensor in any situation, no matter of wind or particles as was enough I just turned my back to wind when swapping lens and kept body downward.

- Ridiculous shutter noise. I can't even think about shooting with it on funerals (when you meet more often family and your generation in funerals than wedding you know silence is blessing). And I can not really get how does these mirrorrless cameras generate so loud noise. Long time ago I owned a while an Canon S2 IS camera and when I picked that small baby to hand I always loved how discreate you could be with it, you didn't generate any sound when snapping. When I tested E-M1 in store I didn't much notice the shutter sound, just that it was there so I do need to go and test hear it again and probably compare those two side by side as well.

I do have the feeling that Sony A7 is good too for slower paced photography like when going just on walks to forest or fields, what I am not yet prepared to do

He also says Sony cameras always have poor ergonomics and joke software. While that is his opinion, it's something that creates a bit of caution for me ... I suspect if Canon brought out a mirrorless FF camera this year, it would be the big seller ...

I got the feeling from video reviews that the software would be good. For erconomics testing I am about to go in few days to check body myself but I am wondering about the software features.

Even that I don't like Sony, I must give a change to A7 to proof it could be serious challenger.

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