Should I upgrade to XT1 from XE1?

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Re: Should I upgrade to XT1 from XE1?

bobvarakrit wrote

Ok. Will give it a try with xe2 first. I think last time i tried shooting people walking pass by in the shopping mall, i wasnt really hapoy with it since the xe2 still wasnt snappy like my dslr. Ll try again and see how it comes out. If i still find it lackin in this regard, i ll just buy new lens instead. thank u for your inputs.

From my point of view, AF fuji will always be slower than your DSLR. And when you are getting used to it, when you shoot with Fuji X, it's a downgrade: then you have to change your approach and technic for shooting with Fuji X: "secure" your depth of field (f4 rather than f1,4), anticipate, and so on...with fast AF, you don't need to "think" about your focus, and you can concentrate on composing, for example. But I saw this morning photographies of a polo tournament made with XE-2/18-55: the photographer looks having no problem on field, but it's very good conditions, and deep dof:

I really think it depends on your kind of photography: sunlight/lowlight, fast subject/slow subject... I think it can become annoying with lowlight/fast subject. This is why I prefer waiting for indepth review and precise timings of Af speed.

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