Getting a Grip on the 4K Video Conversation

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Re: Getting a Grip on the 4K Video Conversation

G Sciorio wrote:

For people to say 4K is not for them is not seeing the forest for the trees. That mentality can be safe if you're an enthusiast but pros that bypass 4K might be looking for a new career before too long.

This is probably a very good point. If you are a professional photographer and dont offer a video product I suspect it is pretty hard to make a living. I imagine that professional photogs may well be queuing up to but the GH4.

But why is that? I am a photo enthusiast but totally non-pro. I have avoided video despite all the pressure to try it because I find mastering one medium hard enough without tackling another. If I painted I suspect I wouldnt like being told to take photographs all the time. Actually the advent of 4k makes me less likely to try video because it means more processing, more tech etc - it is hardly a technology that makes the medium easier like say auto-focus for digital cameras.

Now as a photographer who likes to shoot stills I am constantly told 'I am missing the wood from the trees' and that I will be the equivalent of the 'last film shooter in a digital world' especially by the likes of Panasonic and their 'luminaries'. But I know I am not alone. Olympus with their 'crap video' have gone from 30% mirrorless market share in Japan to 29% while Panasonic has gone from 40% to 14%.

And really it comes down to Guilo's point. I usually pay people - pay pros - to do things that I 'cant' or 'dont want' to do myself. And that is increasingly '4k video' and not photography.

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