Fujifilm XF 35 vs 23 (Portrait, People, Facial/Body proportion)

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Re: Fujifilm XF 35 vs 23 (Portrait, People, Facial/Body proportion)

dotborg wrote:

whiteyblack wrote:

In the comparison shots, the 35 equiv definitely introduces perspective distortion that detracts from the model's beauty.

Take another look. The 35mm lens was used on a 7D, so it's the full-frame equivalent of a 56mm lens.

Yep, and the difference between the two shots is a difference in framing/positioning relative to the model, and change in the pose by the model as well. Angle of view is basically the same, if both shots were taken at exactly the same position and the model with the same pose, the only thing that would differ would be depth of field. Perhaps a slight difference in crop due to 50mm vs 56mm-ish.

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