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Mark H
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Old 'film'...

ABA DABA wrote:

.... heck I even still have 100feet of Kodak color film in the fridge still in the cans. Is it any good, I don't know. But I may try loading some canisters to find out.

'Any good' - well, just how old is it?

I guess it might ultimately depend upon whether or not you actually care/are fussy exactly what colour things turn out!

I still have several sealed '120' size rolls of Ilford FP4/HP5 dated (i.e. best before) 'Feb 1990', (which I would have bought at least 5 years before even that date)  - probably a lot safer bet than your film, mine being only B&W (for what it's worth, I also have some Ilford B&W paper, of similar vintage, plus some undoubtedly crusty old/crystaline developing solutions, and all the darkroom kit, etc, etc).

'Hold the presses!' - I even have a still boxed/sealed 'Agfacolor pocket special' 110 size 12 Exp' cartridge, with a date of 'Nov.77' on the box !!!! Although, that one was not originally mine, I acquired that one via eBay with an old 110 pocket Instamatic, plus unused 'flash-cube' et-all.

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