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Re: the point of HDTV without Blu-Ray

CAcreeks wrote:

bronxbombers4 wrote:

kelpdiver wrote:

We have a BD player, but I have not yet watched a single Blu-Ray movie on it.

Insert one end of hdmi cable into TV. Insert other end into BD player. Press play.

Yeah, I honestly don't get it. I mean signing-up and getting Netflix going is more complicated than that.

All the HDTV inputs were already connected to DVRs and other devices. We were afraid to disconnect anything, and could not find the HDMI cable.

Why do you care about my family's media problems anyway? Do you represent the Blu-Ray consortium?

My point is that we have plenty of stuff to watch, even without a cable subscription. Time shifting is far more important to us than video quality. TV shows are generally more entertaining than Hollywood movies and don't benefit from Blu-Ray. Widescreen format is silly. We have no idea how to rent Blu-Ray movies (see my question above about Redbox). When friends loan us a movie, it is always on DVD.

I don't know why we even have a BD player.

Your words were "because we couldn't figure out how to hook up the BD player and TV."  Now you're saying you just couldn't be bothered to do what a 6 year old could do?  Not sure what to make of it.    You were also given options for blu-ray rentals, so that's now past tense as well.

It appears that you started this thread with a trolling agenda, not seriously asking.  Why not just set that tone from the beginning, rather than pretending to be objective?

Personally I find TV shows to benefit just as much from higher resolution and audio quality as anything from Hollywood.  They tend to need captioning more than movies due to murky dialogue, and I've found CC missing with a lot of netflix players.

BTW, 4 to 1 port automatic HDMI switchers are cheap are work fine for a 2 or 3 port TV where you need to hook up more devices.  Or running devices to a stereo receiver.  and then to the TV gives you more ports, and better sound.

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