Your opinion on Blu-Ray?

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Mark H
Mark H Veteran Member • Posts: 3,707
Still have a few, and a few 5.25"...

ABA DABA wrote:

I still have some with images on them from a Sony Mavica with less than 1 mb actually  0.9mb.

Aha - for quite a while we had a Sony Mavica in our department at work, and people would always come to my desk asking if I still had a spare 3.5" floppy, long after they were out of common use.

I still have just a few 3.5" floppy discs here at home, stashed at the very back of the cupboard/closet - no doubt some with something (now 'mysterious/entirely worthless') on them, probably from circa late 1990s - I can still fire up my old year 2000 PC, behind me, to see what was on them.

I even have a set of 'Borland Turbo C' on 5.25" floppety discs (most probably for MS-DOS) - I'm not really sure what the point of keeping those is - maybe future 'antiques/collectibles' for future generations (not!). - I'm pretty sure I duplicated the 5.25" discs to 3.5" too (for obvious reasons).

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