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Anyone still using floppy discs...?!

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Steve Jobs disliked Blu-Ray ("bag of hurt") and Apple still doesn't support it well. You can buy a Windows PC with Blu-Ray drive, usually as an extra-cost option. Blockbuster is gone and relatively few consumers buy Blu-Ray movies. Nonetheless Blu-Ray seems good for archiving, with better theoretical longevity than DVD.


Even though Blu-ray may be better than DVD in that area, it's just not very practical, and would be *far* too time consuming to use from my perspective. Using hard disk drives capable of holding a lot of content on a single device is dramatically easier for archive purposes from my perspective. So, there is absolutely no chance that I'd try to use Blu-ray for backup/archive purposes.

Wow.  Really?  I think youre overthinking/making it WAY harder than it is.  When I back up to it, I drag and drop the folder, name it, burn it, lightscribe a label on it, put it in an envelope and store it.  It literally takes 2 minutes of my time because I can do other office work while the disc is taking 10 minutes to write.  Id rather have a box of Blu Ray discs than a box of hard drives.

Why? Quite frankly, I find that justification almost ridiculous.

Why would anyone prefer say, a box/crate/shelf full of 40~80 Blu-ray discs as versus the equivalence in storage capacity of say just a single 1~2TB 2.5" or 3.5" portable/internal HDD?

The differences in physical storage space, speed of access, re-usablity, etc, are huge (and certainly not in favour of BD).

I can easily see the case for BD re buying/selling movies, just as there is still a case for buying/selling CDs for music - but not BD for mass data storage, it's neither convenient nor efficient, and neither is it even widely adpoted (as DVD R/RW is).

Anyone still using floppy discs...?!

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