Your opinion on Blu-Ray?

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Re: I don't have Blue-ray, don't planing on buying Blu-ray

DuaneV wrote:

I think this is quite a lot of hassle.

Putting a disc in the drive,

You have to have sufficient blank discs on hand. Reorder etc.

dragging and dropping a folder,

Which folder? Is it new or one that you already processed. Folder too big? Folder too small?

pushing a couple buttons, taking the disc out, putting it in an envelope and into a box takes 2 minutes. That's a hassle?

Yes, done repeatedly and when compared with my existing setup; one command will copy all new files to my USB drive. Optionally run integrity checks too. All nicely automated and error free.

No keeping track of what's done and not done. No labeling discs. Finding someone to store them in an organized fashion.

As I said before, I've tried managing a large CD/DVD collection and it was horrible.

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