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Re: I'm a "pack rat" ;-)

DuaneV wrote:

See, Im the antithesis of a pack rat. I'm a portrait photographer and once I shoot a clients session and I've culled the keepers they get to see them and cull from there. When I shoot a senior session I might shoot 200 images and cull it to 60 then the client with cull it to 40. That's all I keep. And after 5-7 years I contact the clients to see if they want the images because they're going in the trash. I loath the thought of keeping just about anything. I hate clutter and junk laying around. If I haven't worn a piece of clothing for a year it gets donated.

Not me.  I think I've still got my second grade homework in a box somewhere, and you should see the old computers I still have in my office, garage, attic, etc.  

Now, don't get me wrong, as I still "cull" images.   I make take a couple of thousand images and only end up with 40 or 50 keepers.

I use software for that purpose (rating them using 1 star, 2 stars, 3 stars, etc.).   IOW, I may start out rating images I want to narrow down further as 2 stars. Then, use a rating filter to go through those and rate them as 3 stars, then find the best ones out of those and rate them as 4 stars, etc., until I end up with a small set of keepers.   After that, I'll move the final keepers into a separate folder that I'll also move to online storage like dropbox.

But, I still never delete the other images.

I tend to keep *everything*.  Sometimes I may take hundreds and hundreds of photos of nothing more than a stopwatch on a computer screen, with audio recordings of the sequence that I analyze later for frame rate, number of photos before a slowdown, frame rate after the camera's buffer fills up, etc.  Do I really need to keep them?  Nope.  But, I do anyway.

IOW, I *never* throw away any images, no matter how unimportant.

From my perspective, disk space is cheap.  Of course, I'm not trying to store them on optical media either.

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