Your opinion on Blu-Ray?

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Re: I don't have Blue-ray, don't planing on buying Blu-ray

malch wrote:

DuaneV wrote:

Wow. Really? I think youre overthinking/making it WAY harder than it is. When I back up to it, I drag and drop the folder, name it, burn it, lightscribe a label on it, put it in an envelope and store it. It literally takes 2 minutes of my time because I can do other office work while the disc is taking 10 minutes to write. Id rather have a box of Blu Ray discs than a box of hard drives.

I think this is quite a lot of hassle.

Putting a disc in the drive, dragging and dropping a folder, pushing a couple buttons, taking the disc out, putting it in an envelope and into a box takes 2 minutes.  That's a hassle?

I get it that it doesn't work for everyone, but for people to say Blu-Ray is a failed experiment, good riddance, etc., I don't understand.  Blu-Ray works as the perfect storage for many.  Its also the absolute best way to view a movie.  Its not an end all and be all, that's for sure, but nothing is.

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