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Re: I'm a "pack rat" ;-)

Jim Cockfield wrote:

kelpdiver wrote:.

Jim - if you're taking 30-50 gigs of images for a camera test, how long do you actually need to keep them? Sounds a bit like data hoarding....I'd leave it on disk, may not actually care too much about backups in the way I do about my own stuff (with backups, offline backups, etc)

I wouldn't need to keep them. But, I've always been a "pack rat". IOW, I don't throw away anything, including photos I may not ever need again, or photos that should have been deleted.

Sorry, but that's just my nature (keeping everything, good or bad).

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See, Im the antithesis of a pack rat.  I'm a portrait photographer and once I shoot a clients session and I've culled the keepers they get to see them and cull from there.  When I shoot a senior session I might shoot 200 images and cull it to 60 then the client with cull it to 40.  That's all I keep.  And after 5-7 years I contact the clients to see if they want the images because they're going in the trash.  I loath the thought of keeping just about anything.  I hate clutter and junk laying around.  If I haven't worn a piece of clothing for a year it gets donated.

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