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Re: No surprises there

Kabe Luna wrote:

The Dƒ has largely relegated my D800 to low ISO, controlled light-only use. Shot a couple of events with the Dƒ–including one wedding–and at ISO 640 and beyond, its IQ is tangibly superior to the D800. This is particularly true in mixed artificial light, where it delivers not only more accurate colors, but also functionally greater dynamic range.

The more I use it, the more I appreciate its qualities! Great job, overall, Nikon producing a camera to what sure must have been often conflicting objectives!

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Kabe, Nice work, I went through your web site and I see you are very talented, your clients must be quite happy.
I am not a pro, but, I am also enjoying the DF quite a lot, I don't need to PP as much as the D800, AWB is right on the money, and the overall IQ is just great...added bonus, much portable and is not breaking my lower back ....
Again, congrats on your work....

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