Getting a Grip on the 4K Video Conversation

Started Feb 7, 2014 | Discussions thread
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oh boy, the rise of the 0.15 MP image

So, lets figure this out. 30 FPS should be shot at 1/60th shutter speed. At that shutter speed, a car moving at 1 MPH will result an effective resolution of 0.15 MP due to motion blur over the sensor.

How wonderful. If you subject is (gasp) moving, you get the resolution of a toy camera from 10 years ago out of that frame grab. Of course, you can set the shutter speed higher, but then the video looks jumpy. I shoot sports at 1/400th minimum, maybe 1/1000th desirable. You want to shoot video at 1/1000th shutter?

What about long, time exposures? Nope, can't grab that from video either. 1/60th at night with natural lighting isn't much.

So, in daylight, for building and statues, you can get a so so image grab. Why aren't I excited?

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